You Miss an Infection Free Winter

1 Ingredient To Restore Perfect Teeth And Gums Can you guess which of these superfood ingredients has the potential to naturally regenerate your gums and repair your teeth? a) Oat Branb) Flaxseedc) Black Walnutd) Aloe Vera Take a guess and see if you picked the right answer hereā€¦ This superfood ingredient has amazing antibacterial and rejuvenationContinue reading “You Miss an Infection Free Winter”

The Ultimate Guide to Travel Health

[the_ad id=”567″]Your opinion worth more more, vote now! International travel Medicine is a future trend. It is increasingly looked on as an area of specialized practice. Those providing services to travelers need to be familiar with full array of interventions available to ensure the health of persons traveling abroad. Certification in Travel Medicine is nowContinue reading “The Ultimate Guide to Travel Health”